About Us

In LOVE with Jiu Jitsu? We got you! That's why we've spent countless hours sourcing Jiu Jitsu high-quality pieces & accessories. Check out our large range of items ready to ship to you.

HugeHonorForMe.com's mission

As Jiu Jitsu lovers we realized we were struggling to find other stores that sold top quality goods while providing easy, friendly service. For this reason we have created HugeHonorForMe.com. We have made it our mission to deliver the following to all our customers:

A variety of high quality Jiu Jitsu products.
A emphasis on creative items that can't be found in brick and mortar stores.
Quick, friendly and effective Customer Centric Support.

How we picked our name HugeHonorForMe?

Not all heros wear a cape.  When the Jiu Jitsu world struck by the Corona virus of the 2020 one man stood up to the quarantine rules and did what thought was right.  To show our appreciation we choose HugeHonorForMe.com as our name.

When you shop with us, you can see the difference between the usand the others. We concentrate on designing and creating exclusive items which you will not find in your local store. 


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